Steps To A Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Professional Air duct cleaning equipment

Step 1: Start With The Right Equipment

Cleaning a complex air duct system isn’t a job for a carpet cleaning machine with a hose attached or a tiny vacuum box that exhausts inside your home. 

Fake air duct cleaning equipment

Our “Monster-Vac” trucks create the negative air flow needed to remove even the worst contaminants and pull them outside where they belong.


Fresh Air Corp air duct cleaning protects the customers floors

Step 2: Protecting Your Home

A complete and in-depth cleaning requires us to go into every room that contains an air duct or cold-air return.


At Fresh Air, the work won’t begin until the floors, doorways and outside wall corners are protected.


Slip-on shoe covers, safety mats and plastic corner guards create a barrier between our equipment and your home.


Professional air duct cleaning steps

Step 3: Super-Vac

Access to the bonnet and main trunk lines allow us to cover and protect the A-Coil, connect the 8″ vacuum hose and create the massive negative air flow needed to remove the dirt, dust and contaminants that are hiding in the system.

Covering duct vents to maximize air pressure for air duct cleaning

Step 4: Maximize The Vacuum

Once the 8″ hose is connected to the system the huge vacuum fan on the truck begins pulling air from the living spaces down through the duct work.


By covering the registers a negative pressure is created within the system so dirt and dust can’t puff back into the living spaces.

Professional air duct cleaning scrubbing the trunk lines

Step 5: Scrubbing The System

Pulling large volumes of air toward the truck, we now feed our soft rubber, high pressure scrubbing tools down each of the supply lines.



This removes every trace of dirt, dust, pollen, chemical residue and pet dander that has collected over the years.


Professional air duct cleaning the cold air return

Step 6: Cold Air Return System

After all of the duct work on the supply side is completed, we move to the cold-air return system runs.



The main return grill is removed and cleaned followed by the covers and lines throughout the structure.

Professional air duct cleaning preparing the trunk lines and plenums

Step 7: Trunk Lines and Plenums

We now access the inside of the trunk lines (supply) and plenums (return air) and clean each one with specialized scrubbing tools.

Small 1″ holes allow access to every area as the dirt is pulled toward the attached vacuum hose.


Professional air duct cleaning vacuuming the furnace interior

Step 8: Furnace Interior

Our final cleaning step includes the blower, heat exchanger, and treatment of the A-Coil with a non-chemical disinfectant / sanitizer.

The filter is air swept and vacuumed before being reinserted or exchanged with an owner-supplied replacement.


Professional air duct cleaning steps to sealing the trunk lines

Step 9: Wrapping It Up

New galvanized access panels are installed over the openings created for the vacuum hose and sealed with sheet metal screws.

Air dampers are returned to their original position, plastic plugs are inserted in the 1″ access holes, and all debris is removed.


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